Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil is a form of oil that is developed from the hemp plant. This type of oil is found in nearly every plant in the cannabis genus however the mass production Hemp oil is limited to the Industrial Hemp variety because it contains low levels of THC. THC is the chemical element that is responsible for psychoactive behavior thus Hemp oil does not have any psychoactive components.

How is Hemp Oil Produced?

Hemp Oil is produced after the Industrial Hemp seeds are cold pressed and crushed. Once the seeds are crushed, the unrefined hemp oil has rich green shade and a nutty taste. After the refining, the nutty taste is greatly reduced and the oil would be colorless.

Benefits of Hemp Oil.

• Hemp Oil is a major source of proteins since it has a high 25% percent protein content which is nearly similar to the protein content availed by eggs and meat. Since hemp oil has a rather simple structure protein synthesis by the body is an easy task. The main benefit of using hemp oil as a protein source is that it will give you protein without increasing your calorie ratio.
• It has important skin benefits since it contains high contents of fatty acids because they will ensure that your skin is moisturized and nourished sufficiently. Many skin care products have some hemp oil in them because hemp oil is herbal and portrays minimal side effects. Hemp oil will also ease eczema, psoriasis acne, irritation for dry skin and has immense anti_aging benefits.
• Hemp Oil is a major source of alpha_linolenic acid which is an important fatty Acid with Omega_ 3 properties and helps in ensuring that the organs function correctly. Hemp oil helps to prevent arthritis, depression and heart diseases just like the Omega_3 Acids contained in fish. This oil will also help in reducing the lipoprotein cholesterol which blocks arteries.
• It also has many health benefits to your hair since it will improve circulation of blood in the brain and scalp. Using hemp oil will moisturize your hair, remove dandruff and will prevent your hair from falling off since it will prevent it from getting scalp infections.
• Hemp Oil has an abundance of super_polyunsaturated fatty acids especially stearidonic acid and linolenic acid which are important in preventing atopic_dermatis. However the non-essential fatty acid content will vary with the type of hemp seeds.
• Hemp oil is also used as cooking oil since it normally gives a nice crispy and nutty taste to the food and it can also be used as a salad.

Safety of Hemp Oil:

Many people hold back from using hemp oil because they fear that it has psychoactive components but using hemp oil will not make you high. Since Industrial hemp seeds have substances that counter the THC which is responsible for psychoactive components, you won’t be high when you use Hemp Oil.
This product has minimal side effects like if it’s heated to above 121 degrees, it will disintegrate to form a toxic peroxide so it is not appropriate to use this oil for frying. It will also cause some digestive issues like diarrhea and malabsorption but generally Hemp Oil is quite safe to use.
Since Hemp Oil has minimal side effects, does not cause any hallucinations and has numerous health benefits it is advisable that you try it out.

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